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Written by Lund | 10.01.2013 @ 17:50 CETno comments

Ravaged Free Weekend + Apocalyptic Free Weekend.

Written by Denmark Boserup 

Hey guys,

As some of you already know, I work for 2Dawn Games as Community Manager. We released the game Ravaged in October with limited success. The limited success was caused by a lot of things like, no marketing resources and not enough game content at the prize of $24,99. So we added more content and will add a lot more for free in January, and we also reduced the prize permanently to $9.99.

Ravaged is a vehicular FPS set in a post apocalyptic world. The game has small, medium and large maps(9 maps in total). Ravaged has 2 game modes, Capture the Resources (Unreal type of capture the flag) and Thrust (a conquest type on mode with frontline system). The game focus a lot on teamwork and squad play as well as tactics. The game is very similar to Battlefield 2 and Team Fortress with fast heavily armed cars, tanks, ATV's and Helicopters.

As many of you know, I am and will always be a competitive player. So I have fought hard to get eSport features implemented in the game. At this point we got a solid working Spectator mode(free cam+3P cam) however the first person spectator still needs some work. But at this point its better than it was in Battlefield 2. Also the devs are working on the demo recorder.

We have been doing tons of community events and 8v8 matches that was live-streamed and commentated by the Legendary Stoner from RushTV and TotalBiscuit.

The lack of marketing resources are our biggest challenge. Our game is simply not reaching the majority like BF and CoD titles. Therefor I would like you guys to come support the kind of development I know you have been wanting since battlefield 2 died out and got replace by the money machine BF3.

The Ravaged Free Weekend starts today at 19:00cet and will end sunday at 19:00cet. The game will be sold on Steam and with a 66% discount.

Saturday at 19:00cet The Apocalyptic Free Weekend will start. The event is basically an community 8v8 tournament. Only difference is that you will be randomized into a new team with new players after each match. If you win a match, then you will win 1 point at the time. The event will end Sunday around 22:00cet. But before that, the most winning 8 players in Europe will play the 8 most winning players from America. The match will be live-streamed and commentated by RushTV Stoner on 2DawnTV. During the event you must be on teamspeak3, so its easier to communicate with your teammates rather than using the ingame squad VOIP.

If you like, we could also set up a 8vs8 match without the community.

For more information on the Apocalyptic Free Weekend event and the event schedule, check out this link:

Teamspeak3 ip:

2Dawn TV:

I hope I will see you all there!

- Boserup

Written by Boserup | 10.12.2011 @ 12:03 CETComments (4)

VIP Wins yet another ESL Infantry Cup!

After winning the last ESL 5on5 Infantry Cup #1, Ultra was favorites to win the 2nd edition of the ESL 5on5 Infantry Cup. The cup was this time spread out over 2 days instead of one day.

The days one matches was against the Polish team, Positive (PST) and our own VIP-Gaming Alpha(Alpha). The match against the polish was played on Seine Crossing. It was also a welcome back to XeoStyle, who had been absent because of work for some weeks. Ultra won the 1st round with 121-0 and 2nd round with 94-0. So a total victory of 215-0 was acceptable.

The 2nd match of matchday 1 was against our own Alpha team. The Alpha team is undergoing a huge devolopment and are getting better and better. Ultra did however start well in both rounds on Damavand Peak and won 1st round with 152-0 and 2nd round with 146-0 meaning a total win of 298-0 for Ultra.

The quaterfinal match was set to be against Team Printspeed (PSD) from Germany. The match was played on the 2nd matchday. The map was this time Operation Metro. Ultra started out as USMC and had a expected back start due to the balance of the map. Ultra had to use a couple of attempts to get through and get the B flag. However after getting the B flag it was a one way street. Ultra won the 1st round with 251-0. 2nd round as Russian went as expected. Ultra got the B flag first and pushed PSD down to their last flag and shortly after, all the way down to their Main Spawn. Ultra won the 2nd round with 279-0. So a big win of total 530-0. Default ticket are 350 for each team on both rounds.

The semifinal match was against Team Firestar.Deadbeat from Sweden on Teheran Highway. With a relatively easy 1st round with heavy hit detection problems for both sides, the round was won by Ultra with 141-0. The 2nd round was a bit more hard for Ultra. This time we had to fight a lot harder to get a stable bleed on the Swedes. After achieving this, Ultra managed to keep the Swedish locked down to 1 flag and in the end to their Main Spawn. Ultra won 2nd round with 133-0 and the match with total 274-0.

The Final was against the same team from ESL 5on5 Infantry Cup #1, the German team AeQuus. This time the match was to be played on Grand Bazaar.

1st round:
Ultra started out as the Russians and manage to get both C and B. The B flag was however lost again in a split second and was now under heavy lockdown at C flag. Ultra tried several times to get past the heavy German defensive both without luck. it took 4-5 minutes before Ultra finally made it through and got B flag back. Now it was the Germans time to feel the Ultra lockdown. AeQuus managed to get the B flags a couple of times only to lose it fast again and this time to be locked down to their Main Spawn a couple of time. So after a very bad start from Ultra and against a really strong playing German team, Ultra managed to win the 1st round on Grand Bazaar with just 58-0. The round duration was 20 minutes.

2nd Round:
Ultra now had the upper hand both in ticket lead and motivation. The great comeback from 2nd round had a huge impact on the Ultra players and it lead to a great start on 2nd round getting A and B flag in the first attack. The Germans now really got a feeling of being locked down by Ultra, who kept on annoying AeQuus at their last flag, so that they really never got the chance to mount a serious attack. Ultra won the 2nd round after just 13.30 minutes with 217-0. The final result was 275-0 Ultra.

Their has not been set any new date for the next Infantry Cup, but we are looking forward to join the next one as well as looking for Cups hosted by others than ESL.
Written by Boserup | 06.12.2011 @ 16:27 CETComments (3)

Ultra wins the 1st ESL 5on5 infantry Cup!

Ultra showed great teamplay and individual performances in the 1st ESL Battlefield 3 infantry cup.

Ultra played a total of 5 matches:

1st match was against the German team beQuiet on Damavand Peak. Sadly the Germans had connection problems and they were force to play 2ith only 4 players. The match was quickly done and Ultra won with 465.0

2nd match was against Artificial Intelligence (AI) from Finland on Grand Bazaar. It didn't take long before VIP had the Finnish team down to their main in both round. VIP won in total with 392-0

3rd match was against the Greek team, Hellenic Elite Armed Team (HEAT)On Operation Metro. As many might know, metro has 350 tickets as standard. This meant that the match was taking a very long time. Ultra had some problems in the beginning as USMC and HEAT managed to bleed Ultra down a lot. Ultra did however manage to get the B flag on Metro and dominated to the end and won with 197-0. 2nd round as Russians where more or less a walkover. Ultra got A and B flag fast and pushed HEAT all the way down to last flag and shortly after, down to their main. Ultra won big time with 334-0. Ultra won in total 531-0.

4th match and semifinal was against the Danish team ireplica. ireplica is one of the best and most active teams in the Danish community and Ultra was in for a hell of a fight. The map was Teheran Highway. Ultra started out as Russians and managed to quickly get 2 flags and get a solid bleed on ireplica. After some hard fights ireplica managed to get back into the fight and had for some time bleed on Ultra. Ultra did however manage to get both A and C flag and by then get the bleed back on ireplica and won 1st round comfortably with 91-0.

2nd round is was supposed to be uphill for ireplica. But instead they had a good start and bled Ultra down for a long time. Ultra never really got a good grip in the 2nd round and due to strong teamplay from ireplica, Ultra lost the 2nd round with 0-33. Ultra did however win with a total 91-33 and won the 1st spot in the final.

The final was against yet another German team, AeQuus. AeQuus roster a couple of Battlefield experienced players, LordOfTheGames and KONgiii. Both players have showed great skill in earlier Battlefield games.

1st round Ultra started out as Russians. Ultra had a very good start and managed to get 3 flags very fast and Seine Crossing. AeQuus was never allowed to get back into the match even though they showed great skills and fragpower, Ultra managed to bleed them down to 169-0.

2nd round was a lot more intense and equal. Ultra had a lot of problem getting a foothold and bleed on AeQuus. This resulted in a small win after 37 minutes of playing in a small win for Ultra with just 39 tickets. In total VIP Ultra won the final against AeQuus with total 208-0.

VIP Ultra will be joining the next ESL 5on5 Infantry cup Wednesday 7th December and depending on how far Ultra reaches, the cup will continue on Thursday 8th December.

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