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Written by Alley-oopz | 11.12.2014 @ 12:56 CETComments (1)

VIP-Gaming wins Division 1 of Nordic League yet again

VIP-Gaming Conquest Denmark has brought home the 4th consecutive league win of Nordic League. That became clear after eBash Russian Federation forfeitted the last and final match, making VIP-Gaming Conquest Denmark the champions of Division 1 yet again.

Division 1 has been quite chaotic this season. We saw too many no-shows, and some showing their true colors of unsportsmanlike conduct.

In the first round we faced Team Matryoshka United Arab Emirates, that quickly turned into quite a fight. Sadly not the kind of fight we had hoped for, with Team Matryoshka United Arab Emirates unwilling to move the match away from the default date, requested by us due to our lineup problems that specific day. Apparently they "couldn't" play any other date, despite being the only team playing 8vs8 all 7 days a week. Nevertheless, we gathered 8 players and backups, ready to fight them at the default date, only to find out they missed one player, and now wanted to move the match themselves. We kindly accepted this, and faced them in a true battle of the titans a few days later. This "epic" battle where played out on Zavod 311 and Paracel Storm, and resulted in a win by 772:0. At least the leader of Team Matryoshka United Arab Emirates put up a fight in order to get the match date settled..

The second round against The Squirtles European Union was expected to be a crucial one, potentially deciding who was going to take the league win of season 4. The maps for this round where Golmud Railway and Flood Zone.
Even though we have always played strong on Golmud Railway, we have seen some teams put up some quite even rounds against us lately, by focusing strong on having a 2-flag hold, rather than taking risks to get a bleed going by going for 3 or 4 flags. So we expected Golmud Railway to be quite even against The Squirtles European Union, and it sure was. First round was a long and demanding one, going close to the 30 min. limit, but in the end won by 24:0. In the second round we had our few bleeds going for longer, resulting in a second round win by 87:0.
On Flood Zone we felt comfortable on our game plan. Although we expected it to be a tough one, where fast and wise decisions where needed, due to it being a 3-flag map with continuing bleed. But as it turned out, we had it all figured out just right. We totally forced them out of A and B, and even got the fullcap going at some point, resulting in a very fast first round. First round was won by 221:0. In the second round we once again forced them out of A and B, until we reached the point where the map and match was won. After that, we cruised home the second round win with 148:0. The match was won in total by 480:0, after a solid performance, where we stepped up when needed.

Even though we now felt very comfortable in the title race for a 4th consecutive win, we didn't expect the 4th season of Nordic League to be won after just 2 rounds. But as it later turned out, it was. Exult eSports European Union withdrew from the league at the date they where supposed to play us. Wartime Dignity Germany and eBash Russian Federation later announced no-shows against us.

This concludes another season of Nordic League Division 1, but with too many no-shows, especially for a 6-team division.

With some adjustments on the team, after Sweden TwiZ and Sweden Vildhazze retired and Sweden b4l74z4r was on a break, this is how the team looked for the few matches of season 4:

Denmark Alley-oopz - Infantry & Scout Helicopter
Denmark Bad4sure - Infantry
Denmark HansinatorDK - Infantry, Attack Boat & Attack Helicopter
Denmark Kyed - Infantry
Denmark Nicz_DK - Tank & APC
Denmark PsycX0r - Infantry & Jet
Sweden TiggerDefDef - Infantry
Denmark Toxsi - Infantry
Sweden UKKAA - Infantry

This seals of a succesful 2014, where we won every single tournament we participated in, despite being challenged on our lineup, at some crucial moments. It shows that the team possesses a lot of versatile players, able to step up in otherwise new roles and situations.

Thanks to everybody for a fun 2014 on the Battlefield. Let's see what 2015 brings! wink

Gud bevare Danmark!
Written by Alley-oopz | 01.12.2014 @ 22:51 CETno comments

VIP-Gaming wins the ESL Autumn Cup!

VIP-Gaming Conquest wins the ESL 8vs8 Conquest Autumn Cup 2014!

After cruising through the groupstage undefeated, we faced HEAT Greece in the first round of the playoffs. With a less impressing performance on Lancang Dam, we picked up speed on Flood Zone and closed the match 2:0, and went on to face eBash Russian Federation in the semifinal.

We delivered a solid performance against eBash Russian Federation on both Zavod and Flood Zone, and qualified for the final with another 2:0 result.

In the final we faced The Squirtles European Union, on Dawnbreaker, Zavod and Paracel Storm. On Dawnbreaker we delivered a sketchy performance, where we wasn't able to get the teamwork going, with the addition of the Mobile AA. It has been ages since we played Dawnbreaker with a Mobile AA, and it really felt like it. On Zavod we played a solid first round, and where able to relax a bit in the second round with a big lead on tickets. Zavod really was the map where we got the teamwork kickstarted, which we just continued on Paracel Storm afterwards. On Paracel we delivered another strong performance in the first round, resulting in cruise control for the last and final round.

Final score 2:1, and yet another tournament victory secured.

With only Nordic League season 4 now remaining in 2014, we will try to bring back the trophy for the 4th time in a row, to end 2014 by winning all tournaments we have participated in.
Written by Kyed | 06.11.2014 @ 00:00 CETno comments

VIP-Gaming advance to the playoffs of the ESL 8vs8 Autumn Cup 2014

VIP-Gaming Conquest are going into the playoffs of the ESL 8vs8 Autumn Cup 2014 without loosing a single match in the groupstage. We got the number 1 seed, and will face HEAT in the first round of the playoffs.

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