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uk VIP-Gaming advance to ... 06.11.14 @ 00:00 CET
uk VIP-Gaming wins Divisi... 30.10.14 @ 00:00 CET
uk UKKAA joins VIP-Gaming... 08.10.14 @ 00:00 CET
uk Ravaged Free Weekend +... 10.01.13 @ 17:50 CET
uk VIP Wins yet another E... 10.12.11 @ 12:03 CET
uk Ultra wins the 1st ESL... 06.12.11 @ 16:27 CET
uk VIP Ultra wins BF3L 5o... 13.11.11 @ 13:36 CET


Written by Kyed | 06.11.2014 @ 00:00 CETno comments

VIP-Gaming advance to the playoffs of the ESL 8vs8 Autumn Cup 2014

VIP-Gaming Conquest are going into the playoffs of the ESL 8vs8 Autumn Cup 2014 without loosing a single match in the groupstage. The team are seeded as number 1, and will face HEAT in the first round of the playoffs.
Written by Kevinario | 30.10.2014 @ 00:00 CETno comments

VIP-Gaming wins Division 1 of Nordic League

After nine long weeks of competing in Battlefield 4 Nordic League, against the top 8vs8 teams in Europe, VIP-Gaming Conquest comes out on top as the victor of Division 1 in Season 3 of Nordic Leage.

This is the third straight season VIP-Gaming achieves first place in Division 1 of Nordic League, without losing a single match, making them the undefeated champions of the 8vs8 scene in Europe.

The final standings of Nordic League Division 1:

VIP-Gaming Conquest achieved these great results, by having a solid lineup that enjoys playing together both in public, as well as the competitive part of Battlefield.

The lineup of VIP-Gaming Conquest and their roles during the season:

Denmark Alley-oopz - Infantry & Scout Helicopter
Sweden b4l74z4r - Infantry
Denmark HansinatorDK - Attack Boat & Attack Helicopter
Denmark Kyed - Infantry
Denmark Nicz_DK - Tank & APC
Finland PilotFin - Scout Helicopter & Attack Helicopter
Denmark PsycX0r - Team Leader, Infantry & Jet
Sweden TiggerDefDef - Infantry
Denmark Toxsi - Infantry
Sweden TwiZ - Scout Helicopter
Sweden UKKAA - Infantry
Sweden Vildhazze - Infantry, Scout Helicopter & Attack Helicopter

VIP-Gaming Conquest enjoyed the increase of competitiveness in season 3. They will be signing up for season 4 of Nordic League at and are excited to see what the competition will bring to the table.
Written by Kyed | 08.10.2014 @ 00:00 CETComments (2)

UKKAA joins VIP-Gaming Conquest

VIP-Gaming Conquest has recruited new reinforcements to the infantry lineup.

Sweden UKKAA has represented Sweden on the Swedish national team in Battlefield 4 5v5 and 8v8. He has previously been playing for Wartime Dignity 8v8, n!faculty 5v5 and Exertus 8v8. We are looking very much forward to play with Sweden UKKAA and he is going to join our already strong infantry lineup.

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