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Written by Lund | 10.01.2013 @ 17:50 CET

Ravaged Free Weekend + Apocalyptic Free Weekend.

Written by Denmark Boserup 

Hey guys,

As some of you already know, I work for 2Dawn Games as Community Manager. We released the game Ravaged in October with limited success. The limited success was caused by a lot of things like, no marketing resources and not enough game content at the prize of $24,99. So we added more content and will add a lot more for free in January, and we also reduced the prize permanently to $9.99.

Ravaged is a vehicular FPS set in a post apocalyptic world. The game has small, medium and large maps(9 maps in total). Ravaged has 2 game modes, Capture the Resources (Unreal type of capture the flag) and Thrust (a conquest type on mode with frontline system). The game focus a lot on teamwork and squad play as well as tactics. The game is very similar to Battlefield 2 and Team Fortress with fast heavily armed cars, tanks, ATV's and Helicopters.

As many of you know, I am and will always be a competitive player. So I have fought hard to get eSport features implemented in the game. At this point we got a solid working Spectator mode(free cam+3P cam) however the first person spectator still needs some work. But at this point its better than it was in Battlefield 2. Also the devs are working on the demo recorder.

We have been doing tons of community events and 8v8 matches that was live-streamed and commentated by the Legendary Stoner from RushTV and TotalBiscuit.

The lack of marketing resources are our biggest challenge. Our game is simply not reaching the majority like BF and CoD titles. Therefor I would like you guys to come support the kind of development I know you have been wanting since battlefield 2 died out and got replace by the money machine BF3.

The Ravaged Free Weekend starts today at 19:00cet and will end sunday at 19:00cet. The game will be sold on Steam and with a 66% discount.

Saturday at 19:00cet The Apocalyptic Free Weekend will start. The event is basically an community 8v8 tournament. Only difference is that you will be randomized into a new team with new players after each match. If you win a match, then you will win 1 point at the time. The event will end Sunday around 22:00cet. But before that, the most winning 8 players in Europe will play the 8 most winning players from America. The match will be live-streamed and commentated by RushTV Stoner on 2DawnTV. During the event you must be on teamspeak3, so its easier to communicate with your teammates rather than using the ingame squad VOIP.

If you like, we could also set up a 8vs8 match without the community.

For more information on the Apocalyptic Free Weekend event and the event schedule, check out this link:

Teamspeak3 ip:

2Dawn TV:

I hope I will see you all there!

- Boserup

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